links and things of interest to me and maybe you!

movie-watching resources

here are a bunch of letterboxd lists

a list of Chinese films watched in an NYU class

films found on

movies this person has on a youtube playlist

movies this person has found online

some sites i would rec to watch things on (not linked)

fsharetv, bilibili, soap2day, effedupmovies, dailymotion, youtube (when you can find them),kissasian, this twitter account that archives films, okru, googledrive if you can find it,

if you look through my letterboxd and want to know where i watched anything, send me an email ( ) and ill let you know !!!

misc. kpop resources

my shawolism website that ive plugged like three times already - you can find a TON of SHINee related resources over there, I would reccomend checking it out if you love SHINee like me or want to get into them!!!!!

a comprehensive catalogue of amazing saturday (nolto, doreimi market) aka the best show of all time episodes with english subtitles (only up until episode 194).

ateez content masterlist

loona related resources

loona youtube archive (loonatv, loona logs, music videos, etc.) incredible fanmade google drive

loona subbits youtube channel - fan subtitle writers!

loona discography google drive !!!! featuring all solos, units, group, japanese releases, and hidden tracks. incredible work.

my personal loonaverse presentation LMAO i presented this to my two friends and they are now orbits

my notes for my loonaverse presentation in case you were wondering

misc. other links!!!

one of my fave artists (sparklecats2009)

youtuber i like - they take videos walking around random places and i like to people watch so i like these a lot

cool cat art guys

another artist i like

get this.. another artist i like

farmer Wu Yulu's robots

website of a music video creator i admire (pennacky)

ms paint on web

vods of my favorite korean game streamer (i don't understand korean i just like watching these)

Japanese Counterculture - The Antiestablishment Art of Terayama Shuji - great book about a filmmaker I admire and find interesting