bomsoup is a website made by me, with the intentions of learning html and having fun!

i think the oldweb is something that i really care about, more than i care about things like sanity and being happy

people often compare neocities sites to other mainstream equivalents of instagram and twitter, while i still use those apps and sites, i feel like having my own website allows my actual personality to shine through.

it's important to me to be able to express myself in new ways that some people do not have access to, like family and employers.

by not adhereing to the form, you are able to be in control of your presence.

"social media destroys context and nuance. ur work life and home life are no longer separate they r just you online unless you make another account." - my friend aidan

i have like 5 twitter accounts and 2 instagram accounts!!!! i want something where i can exist and be exactly as i wish i was.

i saw someone else describe their neocities page as a museum of them so that is what my aim was... maybe that is self indulgent... its okay maybe it will balance out the loathing.

i think this website will help me to be more self accepting and appreciative, because right now i have a lot of self-hate in my heart and brain and throughout... everything.

i also like fun little links! i like to share things i enjoy in the hopes that other people will enjoy them too!

as for the true definition of the name "bomsoup"...

of course it is referring to the one and only park bom!!!!!!!!!!!!

my muse,,, my jesus,,, my love,,,

ill put some videos of park bom here so you can see her in all her glory

soup is just because i think its a funny word.

i also put it behind a lot of my @s on other social medias.. (jinkisoup on twt)

(i also think its funny to think of park bom or anyone else being mashed into a soup)